At On Purpose Leadership Inc. our team of seasoned professionals works with clients to create breakthroughs and assist them in moving systematically and decisively towards extraordinary results.

Our facilitated processes create a learning culture that results in maximum growth and a position of strength for our clients. Our interactions serve to develop skills and intensify motivation of people at all levels. The bottom line is: positively affect key performance outcomes and sustainable long-term personal, professional and organizational development.

Through the power of our suite of behaviour dynamics tools we are able to provide our clients with the next generation of assessment solutions that are revolutionizing the way organizations address performance. We utilize our sophisticated, yet user-friendly, diagnostic solutions to equip management teams with the ability to pinpoint their mission critical issues. This is a suite of solutions that allows management to take swift, meaningful action that brings about top and bottom line results.

Our assessment and diagnostic tools serve as a foundation to many of our training programs. As an example our TIME Plus Assessments supports our Time Management courses, our Leadership Insights supports our Leadership Dynamics program and our Sales Insights our Sales and consultative selling programs respectively.

In general our course content, processes, concepts and approaches is influenced by the works of respected individuals—thought leaders—in key subject areas. (Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Abraham Maslow, Peter Drucker, Stephen, Covey, John Kotter, Fisher & Ury, Maxwell, Galloway, Collins others).

Pivotal conversations with clients serve as a basis from which we identify an approach for the unique situation of each client. Through this process we establish key learning outcomes and develop the instructional design. Our programs take advantage of proven techniques for optimum adult learning.

We ascribe to the “Experiential Learning Model”.