So much of what we do and how we do it today depends on teams of people collaborating and working with each other in various ways and modes to bring about results and outcomes. And there is certainly much that has been published and studied about the wisdom of teams.

At On Purpose Leadership we have been working with a large number of teams to understand what drives success, what inhibits success and what fosters success. In response we have built our Building and Sustaining High Performing Teams Program.

In our experience essential elements include: Clarity with regard to:

  • Mission and Objectives
  • Beliefs, Values and Behaviours
  • Roles and Accountabilities
  • Policies, Structures and Supports

We make use of our basic Approach of analyze; Optimize and Implement in this realm as well. We have a unique T.E.A.M.S Assessment which can guide the process and identify issues requiring priority attention. And this tool in tandem with our suite of Assessment tools have produced spectacular results for the teams we work with.

Contact us today to explore our Build and Sustaining High performing teams program and bring it to your workplace teams.