At on Purpose leadership we have been approached by several client groups including: municipalities, corporations, not-for-profits, manufacturing, retailers, investment and financial institutions, associations (professional and service), to develop and deliver a first time manager type of program. In response we have developed what we call Effective Manager Program.

The On Purpose Effective Manager Program is suited to someone just moving in to or preparing for future managerial roles or for someone who is already in a managerial role and can use some honing of their skills, talents and insights.

Our program can be delivered in-house and we can accommodate some customization. We do also from time to time host offerings where attendees from different companies can participate in a more public offering of the program.

We have delivered a two-day; Three day and our full Six-Day version of the program.

the full six-day offering of the program usually includes modules in the following areas:

Starting with Self

    • TriMetrix HD – Management/Staff Debrief
    • Goal Setting

Managing People

    • Building High Performance Teams
    • Managing Performance
    • Dynamic Communication
    • Maximizing Productivity
    • Leader, Manager, Coach and Mentor

Managing Projects

    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Managing Change
    • Effective Execution

Managing Resources

    • Making The Best Decisions
    • The Art of Negotiation
    • Risk Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Financial Management

Enhancing Personal Success

    • Establishing Priorities
    • Setting & Achieving Goals
    • My Management Vision
    • Getting The Most from Myself and Others
    • Life Balance Bringing it All Together

Contact us today to make explore how we can bring this amazing program to you and your workplace.