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In today’s context teams and teamwork is less about hierarchies; formal authority, individual expertise, and information control. The new context relies more on personal credibility, authenticity, new leadership, full transparency, and hybrid teams.

In the new context, for teams and teamwork to be at the excellence level consistently, there is the full realization, acceptance and acknowledgement that everything you change changes everything.

The current teams and teamwork context, defined by increasingly rapid change, requires a new kind of teamwork – a type of teamwork that generates solution innovations that outpace problems. It requires teams where team members are valued more for their possibilities than their job responsibilities — more for their aspirations than their position descriptions.

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At On Purpose Leadership we make full use of our suite of Assessment tools in our T.E.A.M.S.™  and Leadership Development Programs and we are proud of our strategic partnership and alliance with Target Training International as our Assessment partner. Our assessments and the application of our Five Sciences approach serves as the foundation of our work to help individuals and teams reach elevated levels of excellence and success. Contact us today so we can help you enhance success.

With our partners at TTI :

  • An assessment report is produced every 10 sec (24/7/365)

  • These Assessment services are delivered in 52 Countries

  • Can provide reports and assessments in 23 Languages

Our Assessments and reports:

    • Are Customizable;
    • Come in different Report Types (Leadership; Sales; Executive; Management; Customer Service; Communications)
    • Are administered through Secure Sites;
    • Are delivered via Online;
    • Provide anonymity where necessary and appropriate, such as with some 360° Feedback, Cultural Surveys and Employee surveys and the like;
    • 360° Feedback and other reports of this type can be done using Single or Dual Factor Analysis;
  • All assessments offer Ease for Administrator and Respondents

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