At On Purpose Leadership Inc. our team of seasoned professionals works with clients to create breakthroughs and assist them in moving systematically and decisively towards extraordinary results. We have a long history of working with Not-for-profits and Charities in areas such as: Board Governance; Strategic Planning; Fundraising; Team Building; Community Consultations; Facilitation; and Capacity Building. Contact us today and let us help you facilitate breakthrough thinking.

Our facilitated processes create a culture that results in maximum growth and a position of strength for our clients. Our interactions serve to develop on ideas, concepts, strategies and skills and intensify motivation of people at all levels. The bottom line is: positively affect key performance outcomes and sustainable long-term personal, professional and organizational development and commitment to success pathways.

Pivotal conversations with clients serve as a base from which we identify an approach – facilitation methodology/technology, conversation style, outcomes desired and time frame – for the unique situation of each client. Through this process we establish the structured processes and programs most appropriate for the situation. This forms the basis from which participants will be exposed to the latest thinking on key subjects relating to organizational, leadership and managerial effectiveness. With a clear focus on practical action commitments that can be applied beginning immediately.

Services include strategic thinking, strategic planning, business planning, operational planning, organization development, board development, leadership development, organizational assessment.

We have capabilities in various methodologies including:

  • Open Space
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Open Discussion
  • Nominal Group
  • Consensus Building
  • Action Planning
  • Strategic Planning

OPLI Facilitators lead groups in drawing out answers through constructive dialogue. We help build a vision, establish a safe and trusting environment and develop plans that motivate boards, teams, committees, organizations or communities to achieve their vision, and mission critical goals.

Our effective process facilitations can benefit various types of meetings, assist with decision making, strategic planning and hundreds of other organizational needs. Let us put our knowledge, processes and tools to facilitate active participation in your group settings.

To discuss full potential of this process and tools or to arrange a demonstration please contact us directly through our contact page.