Let us put our powerful Talent Management Plus™ tool to work for you.

TMP is designed to make the hiring process as simple as possible. Whether hiring en masse or for an executive position, TMP saves time because it helps hiring managers reduce interview length and frequency because candidates are pre-screened and pre-ranked.

Ultimately, using TMP helps eliminate bad hires in four easy steps:

1. Complete a job benchmark for the open position

2. Create a unique job link in TMP for applicants

3. Provide link to all applicants and post to job boards

4. Select best screened job-matched candidates

TMP can integrate with other internal applicant screening systems and be tailored to meet the needs of a company’s unique hiring process.

TMP features include:

Daily email summary of applicants who match the open position

Pre-screening interview questions to narrow applicants

Search, filtering and candidate comparison capabilities

Master database that stores applicant resumes and assessments

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