At On Purpose Leadership we have found that at the heart of Performance Management is a desire to ensure our people are fully functioning; happy; engaged; producing superlative results and are fulfilled. We find most performance review and performance management systems lack the tools necessary to manage performance and conduct invigorating and motivating performance conversations with employees.

With our Suite of assessment tools as a foundation you will find performance conversations and performance management not only easier but more focused, directed and purposeful to driving superlative results today and into the future.

Our tools when fully utilized are used for:

  • Focusing performance conversations
  • Providing manager and direct report with insights and language to make future focused decisions
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Setting goals and performance outcomes
  • identifying root issues (Motivators, Behaviours, and Emotional Intelligence) that contribute most to performance and results.
  • When using 360 Feedback, provides more focused and targeted insight and feedback