Our On Purpose Leadership approach benchmarks a specific job, not the person, in an interactive process. Clients use job benchmarking for development, selection, retention and management.

How do you know if you might be able to benefit from job benchmarking?

Consider if you or your organization would have a ready response to the following questions:

  1. What are the key accountabilities for this position?
  2. What are the skills you need to possess to have superior performance on the job?
  3. What goals have you committed to achieving in this position over the next year?
  4. How are you held accountable?
  5. If you had a clearer understanding of your job, could you be more productive?

Job benchmarking takes the guesswork out of hiring and workplace dynamics in general, making it easy to remove common biases often associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success!

Job benchmarking identifies:

  • key accountabilities
  • skills for superior performance
  • behavior and intrinsic motivators by doing the key accountabilities in the job.

Job benchmarking provides:

  • a complete job-related development plan
  • a system for job-related performance reviews
  • a complete system from hiring to retirement