Challenged to Hire and Retain Top Talent? Your inbox is busting full of resumes — most of which do not remotely fit the role you’re hiring for. You need someone yesterday. You’ve already wasted hours sorting through resumes and no one seems to fit the bill. Reinvent how you go about attracting, hiring and keeping top talent – the talent who perform, produce and have staying power.

At the Global HR Conference two CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were asked how can your senior HR executive best demonstrate their ROI, to which they both replied – ” ensure I have the arm strength to do what we must today but even more importantly ensure I have the bench strength that will produce the results needed in the future, and fully exploit opportunities coming our way. Senior Officers and Hiring Managers are constantly challenged to hire and retain top talent, and the extent to which you are successful at doing this one thing can make the most impact (positive or negative) on strategy implementation, effectiveness of execution, performance, production, impact and results.

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Do you know the cost to your business of Disengaged Employees? Calculate that cost here:

We have all heard the tales of hiring fast and firing slow; or hire for education and experience and fire for attitude.

Our On Purpose Leadership Selection Tools are designed to address exactly these challenges. Our Suite of tools and in particular our Talent Management PlusSystem will ensure you have the arm strength needed for today, (and appropriately deployed), and are equipped with a means for the bench strength you need for future opportunities and results..

Our tools in this realm include:

    • Job Benchmarking
    • Candidate Profiles
    • Focused Interviewing Questions
    • Gap Reports
    • Candidate Matching and Tracking through our Talent Management Plus
    • On-Boarding Kits
    • Training, Coaching and mentorship programs.
    • Our full suite of Assessment tools described in this section.