On purpose Leadership is trained and certified in the application of the Stages of Growth X-Ray and have carried out several projects with leading organizations – all small to mid-sized businesses. let us put this powerful tool to work for your company and help you enhance your company and people’s results.

Growth_Curve_healthyThe 7 Stages of Growth is an enterprise growth model designed to help business owners Diagnose, Predict, and Solve the challenges associated with growing companies. Successful Growth Companies are companies that continue to grow amidst the powerful, chaotic forces of expansion and change. They are light, agile and intelligent entities that have overthrown the old model of ‘business as a machine’ and have flourished because they value growing people, growing processes and growing revenue/profit.

Every year, thousands of people start a new business with the certainty that they will be successful. They start the enterprise with their own money, with their family’s money and with outside investment capital. But within five years, 50% to 60% of them are gone.

Key Elements of The Growth Curve:

      • Based on research done by James Fisher involving 750 CEO’s of small and mid-sized companies, in 35 different industries.
      • The program involves conducting what we call a Growth Curve X-Ray that helps to Diagnose, Predict, and Solve Challenges growing companies face.
      • There are Seven Stages of growth which have been identified, largely organized by number of employees but refers most to stage of maturity of the enterprise
      • There are three Gates/Portals of Company Focus (Revenue/Profit, People, Process which are crucial to success.
      • There are 27 Challenges which are faced by growing companies and at each of the seven stages different challenges are more prominent for the company (These are listed below).
      • In addition to these elements the Growth Curve X-Ray looks at aspects such as the Builder/Protector Ratio, CEO Modality, Leader Focus, and leadership Competencies and their impact on the success and growth of the company.