At On purpose Leadership we make use of a simple model in our business development process – Analyze; Optimize; Implement.


Every projects starts with the Analyze stage: here we spend time getting to know the client better, understand their business environment, clarify the results they are seeking, understand the obstacles and barriers that stand in the way of their people’s success and the success of their organization, learn about their core values and how they are lived within the organization and lastly determine how business issues are showing themselves in the business.


The second stage in our model is the Optimize stage: here we begin to work with the client and our team of experts to design a path forward, identify optimal solutions and draft a path forward. the aim being to maximize assets, resources, talents, record and potential as well as minimize duplication, cost, downtime, and negative consequences.


The third and final stage is Implement: here we implement and execute the chosen solutions with vigour, ensuring to plan for how new behaviours and ways of appreciating can be best reinforced to ensure they take root within the company and the results are sustainable.

And of course this returns us to the Analyze stage of the models so we can assess the impacts, effects and results of the solution deployed.

In this endeavor we make use of the various tools, assessments, and of course our team of talented experts to advance the objects of each client project.