How is growth impacting your business?
How prepared are you to predict the impacts of growth on your company?
What if you could identify growth issues before they set in?

Let us introduce you to:

As your business grows, the rules begin to change, and as the Architects of the business, you can no longer grow the company by simply doing more of the same. The challenge is certainly significant with 80% of businesses failing within the first five years, and 80% of the remaining businesses failing within the next five years.

The great news:

          • There is an entrepreneurial business formula for success
          • This model can and will take much of the risk out of running a small business (the SBA defines ‘small business’ as a company with fewer than 500 employees.
          • This model identifies the things that a business owner can predict.
          • This model will help a business owner focus on the right things at the right time
          • This model will help a business owner adapt to the needs of their company

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