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DISC Assessment Key to Unveil Leader’s Achilles Heel

Behavioural assessments help uncover interesting insights about a person’s behaviour. Our suite of assessment tools includes one such assessment DISC which when combined with our Motivators or Driving Forces Assessment provides tremendously valuable insights. The information gained from an assessment such as DISC can be used to improve performance or help a person find a […]

4 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined as an individual’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. Emotional intelligence is often referred to as emotional quotient (EQ) as the terms are interchangeable. Regardless of where a person is today on the EQ scale, emotional […]

Dynamic Communications – Interpersonal communications that work

In today’s environment, Dynamic Communications has never been more crucial. People are working and communicating with each other in so many varied ways.And more often than not that communication and working mode is not face-to-face or the parties are in different locations, and time zones. This, in my view, makes it even more critical that […]

Strategic Mindset of Excellent Managers

A Manager performing at the excellence level maintains a strategic mindset. This means they are asking the questions: What is the business trying to accomplish? How must it position itself in the market? and relative to its competitors? Has the Strategy changed or is it likely to soon? What forces might affect/impact it most (likelihood […]