The following are comments from clients and course or workshop participants:


“Thanks Nowshad for helping our diverse group construct a focused strategic plan to host the 2007 Juno Awards in Saskatoon. We are now in full implementation mode and using the plan to guide us. The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in Toronto are pleased with the progress we are making, and our focus around our plan.”

T. Brandt – Tourism Saskatoon

“I have had several points of contact with On Purpose Leadership and have benefitted form a variety of strategic services provided by the company. In each experience with the company I become ever more impressed with leadership, commitment, integrity and knowledge of the principals and staff.

I have complete confidence that my strategic consulting service needs will always be met by On Purpose Leadership. Whether the task has been small or complex, or at a busy time your company has always made me feel my needs were of utmost importance and interest to you. Each contract has been delivered well beyond my expectations and I have learned much with each contact with the company.”

Brenda W.

“As a client I have found On Purpose very responsive to our needs. They are able to supply senior levels of advice, when needed, but flexible enough to be able to staff up with more junior operational staff, when for example, we have a large opening or event. This means we get the level of service we need when we need it.”

Susan L.

“Our affiliation with OPLI goes back to the first months Saskatoon Overnight Shelter began efforts to increase the number of emergency shelter beds for homeless families and individuals in our community. Since then, SOS has gone from a grass roots movement to a well known and respected charitable non-profit and homelessness advocate. CEO Shad Ali made a personal contribution to this process through his past participation as an SOS board member. He continues to be a great resource and advisor.”

Julia P.

“Saskatoon’s Centennial Celebration Committee has been pleased to work with Shad Ali and his excellent team from On-Purpose Leadership in a number of aspects of the overall centennial plan – from conceptualizing our key mission to the implementation of all the events. Shad Ali’s special talent in bringing together multiple stakeholders in support of a common vision was particularly evident in two of the activities that I was close to. The first was the planning of our fundraising strategy in which Shad’s ideas helped the Committee in designing a strategy that focused on ways in which different sponsors could take “ownership and pride” in being associated with the celebrations. The second was in conceptualizing the Business Fusion event that was to draw new stakeholders from the business community, particularly the young entrepreneurs and professionals to be part of an activity that would be collaborative, visionary and action-oriented. Saskatoon is lucky to have such a talented team within its community!”

A. Sarkar

“I thought this was great. There is so much I have learned. I am looking forward to using it. Our team was very engaged and shared their ideas without hesitation. The thing I feel I will benefit from most in my role is learning about my natural style and how my behaviour style adapts and why there was such a discrepancy between both. Also what I can do to adjust my behaviour to work with other behaviour styles.”

TEAMS Survey & Workshop – Participant

“The things I value most about this session and the assessments are: The exercises and also the report that was sent as PDF; learning about the different styles and how to be proactive about using the report; the wheel and knowing how to interact with my team. Being new, this was very insightful into how my team reacts to problem solving. I enjoyed speaking in the open circle. It helped to reinforce the “Team” effort.”

Team Building Workshop – Participant

“This was an Interesting well paced session. Shad was able to modify the course content to adapt to the changing needs of the team.”

Team Building Workshop – Participant

“On Purpose has contributed a great deal to the community. Examples I can think of include the Association of Fundraising Professionals board, co-chair of the Canadian Society of Association Executives Conference, Saskatoon Overnight Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Meewasin. “

Susan L.

“I believe this session will help me progress in the management direction I would like to go in. I thought it was very insightful and will help me not only in my job but my personal life. It was excellent the facilitator did an amazing job.”

Leadership Dynamics – Course Participant

“The SRRA has been working with On Purpose Leadership for 5 years. We hired them to organize the Saskatchewan Marathon alongside the volunteer organizing committee. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kim and Shad and the others from OPL.

OPL has delivered in all aspects of teamwork and customer service. OPL is prompt and organized. They are forward thinking and full of new ideas each year. We often feel as though we are their most important event that they are planning even though they have many things on the go at once. Because of their dedication to each event I’m confident they make us all feel that way.”

Lori D.


“The material was presented in a way that was interesting, provided good examples and while it reviewed allot of material it was interesting and did not move too quickly. I believe it gave me a better understanding of getting more organized. I thought the facilitators were thoughtful, humorous and intelligent. Ideas were presented in a way that we could all understand and relate to in our own job duties. Some of the things I value most are TRAF; Time Management Insights Report; Prioritizing my workload daily; and how to stop procrastinating.”

Time Management Workshop – Course Participant

“The course was well organized and informative. I also enjoyed the food references. Everything was presented very well. The most useful ideas I learned and will apply are – the different formats for planning projects and for estimating time of projects.”

D. Robinson

I rated this course as a 12 on a scale of 1 to 14. There was a nice pace and the facilitation was great! There was good discussion and a comfortable group and environment for honest discussion.

Roger L.

“Each chapter we touched on offers up a visual to me of some of my own shortcomings that if corrected could improve my own self-esteem and productivity. The most useful idea I learned and will apply is – strategies for overcoming procrastination habits.”

L. McKean

“I rated the course as a 13 on a scale of 1 to 14. The course gave me a new perspective on “Life” and how to get the most out of it. Some excellent concepts, “Laws”, ideas and suggestions. I am sure I will be more valuable to my work and family alike. Nowshad did an excellent job. Plenty of input, scenarios and thoughts. I felt very comfortable with the environment.”

Brad B.

“Good interaction with trainees. Video quality could have been better. Allot of interesting discussions and great group participation. Best thing was the value I will get in performance from applying the techniques explored.”

N. Schreiber

“The course material was direct. It increased my awareness about myself and was well-presented. The most useful ideas I learned and will apply are – seeing the end of the movie technique; adjusting behavior and being persistent.”

G. Lowe

“My rating of this course is Good, because this course offered what I expected. I liked the presenter Mr. Ali. The most useful idea I learned and will apply are the concepts on planning.”

Cecilia B.


“I believe this session will help me progress in the management direction I would like to go in. I thought it was very insightful and will help me not only in my job but my personal life. It was excellent the facilitator did an amazing job.”

Leadership Dynamics – Course Participant