About Us

Founded in 2000 by Nowshad (Shad) Ali On Purpose Leadership has grown to a multi-faceted company with tremendous success under its belt. we have delivered Programs and solutions for clients that have included: Leadership Development; Building High Performance Teams; Dynamic Communications; Time Management; First Time Manager (Effective Manager); Leadership Excellence; Sales Excellence; Planning for Success; Personal Effectiveness and Productivity; Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management; Change Management and a host of other topic areas.

These clients have included a number of leading companies; leading not-for-profit and charitable organizations, municipalities and universities.

Our suite of Assessment tools are founded on a basis of solid research and developed in consultation with world leaders on related subjects. This approach can best be described through our Dimensions of Superior Performance Chart shown here:

Economic Value Added from use of our Assessments:

    • TriMetrix™ reduced turnover by 75% and increased sales by 50%
    • TriMetrix™ skyrockets Dealer Excellence rating while assisting a 96% profitability increase
    • TriMetrix™ uncovered the soft skills needed for each position and then matched the employees to their skill related job.
    • At the end of the first twelve months of use, we analyzed the reports of those hires which became turnover stats during that first year. Of 36 first year terminations, 34 were far outside the “Benchmark” ranges and would not have been hired had the benchmark been observed.

With our partners at TTI :

    • An assessment report is produced every 10 sec (24/7/365)
    • These Assessment services are delivered in 52 Countries
    • Can provide reports and assessments in 23 Languages

Our Assessments and reports:

    • Are Customizable;
    • Come in different Report Types;
    • Are administered through Secure Sites;
    • Are delivered via Online;
    • Provide anonymity where necessary and appropriate such as with some 360° Feedback, Cultural Surveys and Employee surveys and the like;
    • Such as 360° Feedback and other reports of this type can be done using Single or Dual Factor;
    • All assessments offer Ease for Administrator and Respondents.

Assessment types include:

Our Assessment Suite includes tools for:

    • Sales,
    • Teams,
    • Communication,
    • Time Management,
    • Leadership,
    • Coaching,
    • Hiring,
    • Performance Planning
    • and so much more

Assessment formats include:

    • DISC; PIAV; TriMetrix™; EQ, Acumen and others
    • Cultural and Organizational Climate Surveys
    • Pre-employment profiles
    • Job Benchmark and Job Fit (TriMetrix™ System)
    • Skills inventory assessments
    • 360 Evaluations and other Performance Reviews
    • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    • Customer and Vendor Satisfaction Surveys

To discuss full potential of this process and tools or to arrange a demonstration.